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Reviving MTV in Pakistan.

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Importance Of Research


Mostly population of Pakistan is young according to the stats.

URBANISATION: urban population: 38.8% of total population (2015) RATE OF URBANISATION: 2.81% annual rate of change (2010-15 est.).

AGE STRUCTURE: 0-14 years: 31.99% (male 33,195,073/female 31,429,440) 15-24 years: 21.31% (male 22,194,064/female 20,845,816).

MTV Pakistan

MTV Pakistan brand was reverted to Indus Music in October 2011 due to the expiration of the franchise agreement with Viacom.

Launched: 23 October 2006
Closed: September 2011.

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MTV Competitors

The facebook page for MTV Pakistan has not been looked over for years and due to it being offline, it has lost many views and likes.

While the competitors in market are much more active in terms of engagement and producing new music with engaging the local artists and reviving the classical music of Pakistan.

One of the competitor is Coke studio and if we look at Coke studio’s following its even more powerful than coke studio in India.

Another Competitor of MTV in Pakistan is ARY music which is still operational in Pakistan and it was ranked the first website with most viewership which was more than MTV.

Coke Studio Nescafe Basement ARY Musik


MTV Decline( MTV doesn't have content related to Pakistan on their website. http://soundtrack.mtv.com )

Potential Market in Pakistan (In the list of countries with best music in the world Pakistan ranks at the no. 23) http://cppg.fccollege.edu.pk/changing-trends-in-the-lifestyle-of-pakistani-urban-youth-glimpses-from-lahore/

Engagement of youth with the competitors (Coke studio’s website has more related content for Pakistani community.) http://www.cokestudio.com.pk/season9/index.html?WT.cl=1&WT.mn=Home

ARY Musik with an average reach of around 400,000 cable and satellite viewers in May has topped the list of five music channels, according to a Gallup Pakistan report. http://www.journalismpakistan.com/news-detail.php?newsid=1018

Pakistan rising economy in the asian continent ` (country’s recent economic expansion — with a 6% to 8% GDP growth rate) http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/with-a-foray-into-pakistan-mtv-tunes-into-the-islamic-world/

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